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As Autumn has arrived, there is no better feeling than creating a cosy environment around you and taking some time for yourself to get creative.


Join me as I bring gorgeous autumnal colours into this new Masterclass. Using bright colours can often be overwhelming so in this class I not only give you step-by-step guidance on how to draw this realistic Robin from start to finish but also focus on mastering colour theory along the way.


Birds can be complicated, there are many elements from the short feathers round the face, the smoothness or beak and wings, tiny details on the legs and also, in this case, the bark they are standing on. 


Tomorrow (October 10th) is World Mental Health Day, so here is my invitation to you to prioritise doing something for your own mental health whether that’s drawing, taking a walk in nature or just doing something you love.

Drawing is a great way to relieve stress, practice mindfulness and also gain such sense of achievement throughout.


This class is perfect for anyone with an interest in coloured pencils who wants to create a beautiful robin drawing in time for the winter and also experience the therapeutic benefits of drawing as a form of self care and relaxation.


Unlock your creativity and produce a meaningful masterpiece for either yourself that can be cherished or gifted this winter season (they can make great greetings cards and / or prints for loved ones)!


In this 6 hour masterclass I guide you though how to approach this gorgeous Robin and teach you the skills required to produce a piece of work you are truly proud of. 


Key lessons in this Masterclass:


  • how to create depth and detail on a small scale
  • How to gently layer pencils to achieve realistic results on this smooth grey surface 
  • How to blend colours to create realistic looking bark 
  • How to use light and contrast to achieve results that pop off the page


Ready to get started? Then the class has 40% off for the next 24 hours… Lets unleash some creativity, relieve stress, and create something super special in time for winter. I can’t wait to see you give this one a go! 


Upon purchase, you will recieve a link via email to watch the masterclass as well as reference photo, line art and full material list should you wish to follow along.


Upon purchasing, you can watch at your own lesiure.



New Robin Masterclass



    Due the nature of digital products, refunds will not be available.

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