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Coloured pencils can be challenging - there are so many factors to take into consideration, such as what paper to use, what pencils work best, how different brands work together, how to blend and work with colour, how to choose colour, how to layer for realistic effects etc etc… I could carry on all day! 


When I first started my coloured pencil journey, I was so lost on how to make it all come together and give me the results I wanted. 


So I spent the first few months forgetting colour all together and working with around 7 Polychromos pencils and a sheet of Pastelmat.


I was a uni drop out and was on a super tight budget, so this worked for me and I managed to make some money from commissions and learn how to use coloured pencils along the way. 


In this Masterclass, I’m going to share exactly how working in that way worked for me and how you can make it work for you too. 


Working in greyscale is SO effective and allows you to really go deep into understanding how the pencils work with the paper in order to get the desired results without getting stressed about colour. 


In this class, we focus mainly on the importance of contrast and layering, seeing shapes etc rather than all the detail. The pencils we will use in this study are just the warm grey 1-6 and black from the Polychromos. 


Perfect for those just starting their coloured pencil journey as well as those looking to brush up their skills or maybe you are on a super tight budget, this masterclass will teach you the skills needed for you to produce beautiful drawings with minimum materials. 


7 hours of guided real time drawing and informative voice over delivered in video format which you can watch at your own lesiure - download links are valid for 30 days to please ensure you have downloaded onto you device during this time window. 


Upon purchase, you will recieve a link via email to watch the masterclass as well as reference photo, line art and full material list should you wish to follow along.



Greyscale Hare Masterclass



    Due the nature of digital products, refunds will not be available.

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