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Whether you are an artist who would like to offer fine art prints but are not sure where to even start or maybe you have always wondered what a 'fine art print' actually is...


The print industry can be a total minefield - trust me I know. 

During my first year of business, I made some horrendous mistakes when it came to fine art prints which ended up costing me thousands.

Since then, I have researched extensively, worked with various print companies and have learnt everything I possibly could so I would not end up making anymore financial mistakes.


I have compiled everything I have learnt over the past six years of being a full time artist to create this comprehensive guide to fine art prints.

From what they are, who buys them, how to produce your own or what to look for if you decide to outsource, certificates of authenticity, mounting and presenting prints, pricing and so much more.


a 26+ page PDF guide emailed straight to you for you to download to any device.



Fine Art Prints - A Comprehensive Guide



    Due the nature of digital products, refunds will not be available.

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