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Chestnuts are possibly one of the hardest colours to draw as there tends to be a complete multitude of colours required; from pinks and purples to yellows and dark blues.

In this Masterclass I will take you through my fail safe way of layering pencils to ensure you are able to get the correct hues in for each section. 


I chose a reference photo which had a vast amount of colours in to allow me to demonstrate what sort of colours are required for different hues of chestnut along with the cooler, darker tones for the muzzle and headcollar.


In this class we cover colour theory as well as how to really ensure your contrasts are popping. 

I do use a lot of different colours in this class to demonstrate the sort of shades that can be used to create differed hues and depth but if you do not have all the colours then do not worry - my demonstration is just that, a demonstration to help you pick the sort of colours you could use.


14 hours of guided real time drawing and informative voice over delivered in video format on how to draw this beautiful chestnut in coloured pencils from line art to completed portrait.


Upon purchasing, you can watch at your own lesiure.


It covers my complete approach to coloured pencils as well as my thought process, techniques and tips throughout. This masterclass will teach you the fundamental skills and information you need to help you produce highly detailed, realistic coloured pencil portraits.


Upon purchase, you will recieve a link via email to watch the masterclass as well as reference photo, line art and full material list should you wish to follow along.



Chestnut Horse Masterclass



    Due the nature of digital products, refunds will not be available.

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