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I fell in love with this gorgeous little foal and with his bright colours and fluffy fur, I thought he would make a great Masterclass.


I completely adore how he turned out and I can't wait to share this one with you!


Drawing golden bay fur can be challenging. There tends to be so many tones involved, from the lighter areas which usually require warmer grey tones to build contrast to the brighter, more saturated areas which tend to require a lot more layering and colours.


Getting this balance right and choosing the best colours for this can be tricky but in this class, I will gently guide you through exactly how to approach this gorgeous foal to really capture the strong contrasts between the different areas.


 In this in depth 17 hour masterclass I teach you both how to achieve a soft, realistic looking portrait which stands out from its white background.

We cover a multitude of techniques and handy tips and tricks which will give you a tonne of confidence along the way.


We also cover the important factors of a portrait such as the eye, muzzle and ears, achieving the most amount of detail whilst keeping the rest of the portrait looking delicate and soft and in some areas, out of focus (this really creates the illusion of depth).


- 17 hours of guided real time drawing and informative voice over delivered in video format which you can watch at your own lesiure.


Upon purchase, you will recieve a link via email to watch the masterclass as well as reference photo, line art and full material list should you wish to follow along.

Bay Foal Masterclass



    Due the nature of digital products, refunds will not be available.

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