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Graphite is what so many of us start with when we begin drawing yet like with any medium, it can be tricky to get to grips with to create realistic portraits.


So in this masterclass I will guide you through some of the most common problems we face when creating life like portraits in graphite. For this class, we will be working on this adorable fluffy kitten. 


I am using the Faber Castell Pitt Graphite Matt pencils in this class which I am a huge fan of! They are much less shiny then regular graphite and have an incredible shade range 2B-14B! However as I explain and demo in this tutorial, you can use any regular graphite pencils too. 


Key Lessons:


1. Shading and Depth: Learn how to create depth and dimension to give lifelike, three-dimensional appearance to the kitten.


2. Values and Contrast: Learn how to apply a full range of values from light to dark as this is so essential for creating depth (this kitten piece is great for this due to the face being heavily in focus whereas the rest of the body is not).


3. Textures: Learn how to create different textures, such as short corse fur to long softer areas and parts that are out of focus. Each texture requires a different approach in terms of stroke direction, pressure, and layering.


4. Details and Refinement: Learn when and how to add fine details without overworking the drawing. So often we can often either add too many details too early or fail to refine our work enough. 


5. Understanding Tools: Learn how to use different grades of pencils, erasers, and blending tools effectively as these tools play a huge role when drawing with graphite as well as helping to refine details.


Four hours of guided real time drawing and informative voice over delivered in video format. Upon purchasing, you can watch at your own lesiure.


This masterclass will teach you the fundamental skills and information you need to produce highly detailed, realistic graphite portraits.


It covers my complete approach  as well as my thought process, techniques and tips throughout.


Upon download, you will recieve a link to watch the masterclass as well as reference photo, line art and full material list should you wish to follow along.



Graphite Kitten Masterclass



    Due the nature of digital products, refunds will not be available.

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